Habibah, single parent

I am Irwanda’s mother. My name is Habibah. I am a single parent. My husband died 10 years ago when my son Irwanda was just 1 year. I have four children to be raised. Since the departure of my husband, I work as a labor in the rice field owned by someone else. Recently my health condition is not good because I am suffered by cancer and had surgery. During my illness all of the expenses of my family handled by my brother.

My son Irwanda is a good and diligent boy. He study in Nurul Ikhlas islamic school in the fifth grader. Everyday he learns about general knowledge and Islam as well. He also follows the class of reciting the Holy Quran. For his school fee I have to pay Rp. 50.000,- a month.

I am grateful because there are generous people who wants to donate their wealth to the poor family like us. I hope my son could study well and reach his dream. I wish this support would be continue and help many poor families.

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