Our father died because of illness

I am Nabila’ s sister. I have three siblings and the youngest is Nabila. We only have a mother, our father died on 2013 because of illness. He was a farmer. Since his death my mother has to cover our lives. Our mother has been gone to Malaysia for work since Nabila was just one year old. I have to take over the responsibility of taking care and feeding my siblings. Every month our mother transfers around Rp. 1.500.000 to cover our needs.

My sister Nabila is a quiet and shy girl but she is a good one. Eventhough she is just 7 years but she has a sense of resposibility at home. She helps me doing the chores at home such as sweeping or washing dishes. Nabila is also a smart girl, she is good at study both in formal and informal. She follows the extracurricular of tahfiz Quran. She has a good memorization of Quran.

I am thankful for the sponsorship she gets every month. Through the financial support we receive every month it could help to pay my sister’s school fee, buy her uniform, shoes, and books as well. I wish my sister Nabila will be success. I wish the donors who have given this donation will get reward from Allah, have a long life, and be more prosperous and grant paradise. Aamiin

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