Zamzami with his grandmother

My name is Salamah. I am Zamzami’s grandmother. His parents have died several years ago. On 2012 his mother Anidah got an accident that caused her death. Then his father passed away 2 years later after his mother’s death caused by the illness he suffered. In the past his mother worked as a maid in someone’s house and his father worked as a farmer. Now after the death of his parents I have to take the responsibility of taking care of my grandchildren. Zamzami has 4 siblings and all of them is under my supervision. To meet our dailly needs I work as a field laborer. Sometimes the money is not enough so I have to look for another job to add my income.

Everyday my grandson goes to school by walking. He is a smart boy and diligent one. He likes to help me at home doing the house chores. Eventhough he had a typhus since he was 2 years old but it is not a barrier for him to reach his dream. He said he wants to be a police. In the afternoon Zamzami follows the class of reciting Quran and he had memorized some surah in Juz 30.

I always pray for my grandchildren’s life. I pray their lives will be better in the future. I am so happy because the mentor of Global Ehsan Relief came to my house and said that he is going to give the sponsorship for my grandson’s education. Eventually I get the assistance to support my grandson’s education. I feel much easier now because my grandson gets money from Global Ehsan Relief in every month. I will use the money to pay his school fee and buy his school supplies. Thanks to Global Ehsan Relief. May Allah blesses the kindess you have done.

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